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Kokemäki the hometown

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The secret to our tree's success were its strong roots. Roots that gathered water and nutrients for the tree and anchored it securely through storms and heavy snow fall. Our birch has seen people gradually moving from countryside to bigger cities, old fields returning back to forests and experienced global warming of the environment.

Ilari, CEO of Wood Innovations Finland continues the story of our birch:

Caring and harvesting

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“My grand father kept good care of that tree and cleared space for its growth in 1960s. My grandmother used to make vasta (Finnish sauna whisks) from the tree's lower branches. My father felled other trees for firewood, as he managed his forests in 1980s.”

Ilari himself was a kid in 1990s. He often visited his grandparents. He tasted the birch's sap in the spring and picked summer wild strawberries growing around its base.

Eventually the birch's growth rings numbered more than 70. This tree was fully grown and its ability to absorb carbon dioxide had depleted. In March 2017 Ilari walked up to the handsome tree. He felt respect for the birch, admiring its tall white trunk. He planned the direction it would fall and then knocked on the wood before chopping down the tree. He smiled a little to himself about the ancient habit of knocking on a big tree as a warning to the tree spirits that it was about to be felled

Life continues as a veneer

Piilijoki 006Next summer, new saplings would be planted around the old tree's base. Ilari felt a deep satisfaction in the notion that this tree's existence would continue as the material used to make a Wiilubike.

The wood would be pressure formed by engineers into a strong durable material that would then be shaped by design experts into a beautiful Wiilubike frame.

This is the story of our birch tree. Our 70-year-old birch is used in a sustainable way to create an ecological product combining the best of Finnish nature, design and modern technology.

This way our birch gets the appreciation it truly deserves.

Wiilubike demonstrates the real value of Finnish timber materials and our forests. This wooden bicycle is a high-end product combining state-of-the-art wood production knowledge and innovative thinking. The design of the bike is timeless and practical. This combination makes Wiilubike a very high quality bike that is designed and built to be used every day. We want to promote cycling and active lifestyles with this new personal product.

The wood's origins are known exactly. For every individual birch chopped down, a new sapling is planted. Wooden material is always idiosyncratic and therefore grain patterns on each Wiilubike are unique. With Wiilubike, a person or group can highlight his / her ecological values and connection to nature, while also being in an urban environment.

The bicycle's frame is made of pressure formed plywood birch. We use an industrial wood waxing process to protect the frame from moisture and wear. The frame is constructed from four wooden sections and four steel alloy parts. These components are connected using high end furniture bolts. Power is transferred via a carbon forced belt-drive, which is both an ecological and clean solution. Brooks and Ergotec leather and aluminium components (seat, handlebars etc.) give high end finishing touches to this beautifully designed bike.



CEO of Wood Innovation Finland Oy, Ilari Alaruka was making firewood on his home farm in the summer of 2014. During his chores he had the idea to greatly enhance the value of the wood he was using. Ilari came up with the concept of using Finnish quality birch to create bicycle frames. (This idea would combine wood refinement with cycling as a pleasant way of transportation. - Does this need to be said?)

Wood Innovations Finland is established in 2015 to design and develop a wooden framed bicycle. From the start the idea has been to provide a personal and ecological solution for serial production of bike frames.

Four friend joined the staff with Ilari.

Lauri is responsible for the bike's technical solutions, Alexander and Mikko wooden solutions and Petri for sales and marketing.

An Initial design project was done with Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Lassi, a former lecturer from Lahti, joined the project in 2016 with responsibility for the bike's design. The project started getting attention and industrial partners: Salon polkupyörätehdas, Koskinen Oy and LK-taivute joined the project. The project has received ongoing funding from the Leader-fund, making possible to develop and refine bike prototypes.

If you want to be among the first bike owners, send us an email or call us!

Contact Information

Ilari Alaruka

+358 40 825 0807


Lumberjack with passion for cycling.

Lauri Siukola
Technical Director

+358 41 435 4939


Passionate road cyclist and racer! Road cycling and bicycle manufacturing are team sports. I do my share as good as I can trying to help my team to achieve a common goal.

Alexander Ljungqvist

+358 40 760 3183


Been woodworking since a young age. Now instead of traditional craftmanship, something completely new and unique.

Petri Niemistö
Sales Director

+358 400 105 249 (iltaisin)


Sales and scenic routes spesialist. I trust in enthusiasm, communication and sustainable development.

Lassi Kaikkonen
Art Director

+358 40 820 5853


Optimistic thinker and inspirer. Creative artist fascinated by vehicles, technology and old objects.

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